PTS offers services to Harvard FAS and Harvard affiliates.

The Harvard Music Department (HMD) receives unlimited tunings on any instrument located in a classroom, office or practice room. All other pianos located outside of the Music Department are tuned 4 times a year, and thereafter by request. All tuning requests should be made at least one week in advance to guarantee availability.

Minor repairs are made free of charge to all FAS instruments. Major repairs are made at the cost of parts and labor except for the HMD where there is no charge for labor.

Action rebuilding is performed at the Harvard Piano Shop for the cost of parts and labor except for the HMD where there is no charge for labor. Pin block and soundboard replacement is performed by an outside vendor at current market price.

We have a Steinway Model B grand piano available to rent for events. The piano was fully rebuilt in 2014 with a newly refinished ebony satin case, new pin block, complete action rebuild, and original ivory key tops. This piano is 6’ 10.5” in length and is suitable for performances. Please contact Mariana Quinn for more information and pricing.

Case Repair and Refinishing
All major case refinishing is performed by an outside vendor at current market price.
Minor case and veneer repairs, polishing, and touch ups are performed at the Harvard Piano Shop.

Planning a Music Event?
We are fortunate at Harvard to have many noted musicians, both visiting and in residence. If you are planning a music event on campus that will involve the use of a piano, please let us know at least one week in advance so that we can prepare the instrument properly — helping to ensure a successful performance.

Extended Techniques/Prepared Piano
‘Extended techniques’ refers to any non-traditional use of the instrument such as inserting foreign objects between the strings or plucking the strings with a guitar pick. Any member of the Harvard community or visiting artist wishing to prepare a piano for rehearsal or performance must first submit an Extended Techniques/Prepared Piano Request Form to PTS. You will then be contacted by a member of the department for further information and, in some cases an in-person meeting may be required. PTS reserves the right to deny permission for any non-traditional use of a piano if it is deemed to be detrimental to the wellbeing of the instrument. We recommend submitting the form as early as possible so that in the event that the requested techniques cannot be approved, there will be adequate time to find an alternative.

In the fall of 2013, PTS hosted its first workshop on piano technology for members of the Harvard College Piano Society. In the spring of 2018, PTS staff member Richard Gruenler hosted a workshop on the basics of piano action mechanics for the Harvard community in collaboration with the Music Department. Both were a great success and we would enjoy doing it again for any group interested. Please contact Mariana Quinn for more information.

Appraisals / Evaluations
Contact PTS for information regarding cost and scope of piano rebuilding projects, evaluation of prospective donations to FAS and appraisals for tax purposes. We also advise and assist in the purchase of new instruments.